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Avoid the 6 To 5 Blackjack!

15 Jan 2009

Some casinos attract players with signs and adverts that say they offer a Blackjack game with one deck. However, there is a trick, as most of the time such games pay 6 to 5 for a blackjack. This fact might be very disappointing especially for those who do not read all the signs at the tables. For example, in case the player bets $20 and is dealt a blackjack will win only $24.

Though some players may say that all blackjack games with one deck already offer great player advantage. However, this small but very significant fact adds extra % to the house advantage making it 1.39.

This article may be a warning for those who seem they know all about blackjack and never read the table signs. This 6 to 5 rule makes players lose more and much faster than in the worst blackjack versions before.

In order to avoid getting to such tables, you are to read the signs at the tables, ignore all the games that offer less than 3:2 for a blackjack, let other people know about this rule and also try to let the casino you are playing at know you do not like the fact they offer this unfair game.

By avoiding this game you reduce the chances this game will spread and be the only one featured at the casinos.

Do not forget, customer is the most important factor in all the casino changes, therefore make sure they know you do not like it.

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