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04 Dec 2008

It is no secret that gambling games have already become one of the most popular and wide-spread mean of attraction. Another important fact is that gambling games may cause a lot of trouble for some people who can not control themselves while gambling.

Back in 1975, where only 68 percent of men admitted they gambled there were already 55 percent of women who claimed the same. While nowadays, as there are 88% of men who gambled at least once, there are 83% of women. This has happened due to the major increase in the feminist movement in the 60's.

The gambling problem is a very common fact now for women, as approximately 25% of all the calls in the New Jersey Council on Compulsive Gambling involve female gamblers. The problem is not only in losing all the money and all the savings they have, but also stealing and cheating to be able to gamble.

According to many surveys, about 1.4 percent of the population of the U.S. are addicted to gambling. And the half of hotline calls for the 1-888-LASTBET gambling hot line are from women.

Mostly female gamblers prefer slots and video poker machines due to low bets and simple rules, while male gamblers especially those who seem to have addiction problems prefer blackjack and poker.

They say when men have problems, it takes at least 10 years for the "disease" to become an addiction. For a women it takes approximately 3 years. In addition, as for genetics, if in a family there was a female addicted to anything, the chances of girls in the same family having the same disease are 4 times higher as compared to men.

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