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Basic Strategy Blackjack Trainer

Use the Basic Strategy Blackjack Trainer to practice playing blackjack. The mechanics of the online casino is the same like in offline, so you may be sure that you train necessary skills and abilities. Before starting a game learn game rules and recommendations, do not forget about tips which can influence the game and choose your winning strategy.


Before you start playing, look through the rules (available in Rules). Remember, blackjack rules may differ according to casino’s politics. Choose the difficulty level of your game (available in Options). If you have chosen Normal level you will have some time to take your decision. Expert level permits you to choose your own rules of game, but it is more complicated than a Normal one. To start a game click at the New Game. Make your bet (click at the chips) and start dealing the cards (click Deal). When the cards are dealt, choose you next action (Hit, Stand or Split)

Blackjack Trainer Rules

  • Blackjack trainer compares player’s choices with the basic blackjack strategy.
  • Expert level limits your time for taking a decision (10 seconds).
  • Blackjack payment is 3:2, other bets pay even money.
  • No insurance.
  • No surrender.
  • You cannot double after split.
  • You cannot re-split.
  • Dealer stands on all 17's.
  • Double on 9, 10, 11.
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