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Blackjack Slots? Ever heard of that before?

13 Nov 2008
Find out how the casino software and equipment manufacturers manage to create something new for its players.

Blackjack Game As A New Method Of Student Interaction

06 Nov 2008
Learn how the gambling games such as blackjack became a new way of entertainment and communication for students.

New Multi Play Version of Blackjack Game

23 Oct 2008
Wondering what is new in the world of Blackjack? Read the latest news about the version that allows its players to play the same hand multiple times.

Blackjack-Robin Hood

16 Oct 2008
Read the full story of the Blackjack Robin Hood and maybe your family will be the one to get out of debt!

5 Players and One Dealer Accused of Stealing Money From the Casino

09 Oct 2008
Reveal the truth behind one more unsuccessful casino team story.

11 Players accused of cheating at dozen casinos

18 Sep 2008
Discover the facts on the story about 11 players that are accused in cheating 12 casinos. The unbelievable reality of ground casinos!

Two Dealers Arrested For Cheating

11 Sep 2008
Find out how two dealers got arrested for cheating in the land-based casino in Reno.

Special Blackjack Tournament to Help Former Players

28 Aug 2008
Read all about the Blackjack tournament specially held to help raise funds for former sports stars.

Cheating Ring Stopped at the Cherokee Indian Casino

21 Aug 2008
Read all the truth about cheating at the Cherokee Indian casino that stole $286,000!!!

A rise in Blackjack wager limit in Colorado

15 Aug 2008
With the rise in Blackjack betting limits gamblers of Colorado will have greater chances of winning big.
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“Blackjack is the only casino game an amateur can learn to play and at which he can definitely win”

Lawrence Revere