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17 May 2013

Blackjack is one of the fastest games popular with players in the game rooms online. What makes this game so interesting to play online is that the rules are relatively simple and can be viewed at any time during the game if you are still a beginner.

For beginners, it is even more interesting to start playing blackjack in online game rooms because most rooms offer software for free blackjack games that allow them to become better acquainted with the game, but also practice before moving to a more serious stage, all lose any money.

What distinguishes the game of blackjack online is that players do not have to wait to be served by the dealers because the data are immediate, representing a significant time saving. To illustrate this, we must know that a player can play up more than 100 hands per hour on the internet as in real casinos, a player plays an average of 50-75 hands per hour. Play blackjack online allows players to gain experience more quickly.

Moreover, thanks to the Internet, fans of blackjack are no longer obliged to move in real casinos to take advantage of their game they can play anywhere as long as they have a computer and a Internet connection. In casinos, there are often many people and it takes only frees up around the gaming tables. With online casinos yet, blackjack tables are always available and accessible from the comfort of his home. In addition, Blackjack Online offers the advantage of being able to play anytime, 24/24, 7 / 7 and any day of the year because online casinos are always open, unlike casinos.

Other advantages of playing blackjack online is that players of any skill level are able to make much smaller bets in online gaming rooms. Indeed, if the minimum bets are around 5 euros in casinos, they are generally from 1 euro in online casinos, which is to the benefit of the players. Furthermore, most online cardrooms offer their members various bonuses like welcome bonuses or special bonuses for the game of blackjack. These bonuses are usually in the form of virtual money directly added to the player's account, which allows him to make the most of the game of blackjack.

Finally, indoor games online generally offer several variations of blackjack game that gives players more opportunities in games. That said, we must know that it is impossible to carry out the strategy of counting cards in online casinos because gambling is mixed with each draw. In addition, the shoe generally contains 8 decks of cards and the package is redistributed to the half, making it virtually impossible to count cards.

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