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Blackjack Odds in Details

Playing blackjack you should rely not upon your good luck, but upon your skills and knowledge of strategies developed for gaining the win. If you understand when it is better to hit or stand, take insurance or surrender, double or split you have good chances to be successful. Everything in this game depends on your decisions. In order to become an advanced player you should understand not only the mechanics of this game but also the reasons why you should act like this. Knowledge of blackjack odds which often affect the game also will be an advantage for you. This rule applys to every game you are going to play. So, learn basic rules, strategies and even tips regarding how to get good bonuses and then stat a game.

The House edge

According to statistic data, the rate of casino’s edge is about 8 %. It can be explained by the fact that the dealer is always the last one who checks his hand. If previous players bust, he takes their bets. Only after this he checks whether he bust or not. But part of the bets which were made at this table has been already taken by the casino. That is why the casino is always in advantage. But particular players, who act using different strategies, may reduce house edge to 0,5 %.

Some casinos introduce new rules to protest their edge rates. Of course, all of them are against players. Here is the list of rules which reduce player’s chances to win:

  • A large number of decks

  • Limits for doubling (e.g. you may double only 9s or only Aces)

  • Limits for re-splitting

  • Dealer hits soft 17

  • The hole card is played out when players have played their hands

  • 1:1 or 6:5 payment

  • Dealer wins pushes

  • Insurance option

Player’s advantage

Blackjack odds which favor the player:

  • 1 deck of cards

  • No limits for doubling

  • No limits for re-splitting

  • Early surrender option

  • Doubling after split

  • Dealer stands on soft 17

  • 3:2 payment

  • Player wins pushes

Blackjack odds charts


Number of desks House Advsntage %
Single 0.17
2 0.46
4 0.60
6 0.64
8 0.66

As it was mentioned before, the number of decks influences both player’s and house advantage. The more decks are player – the more advantage has the casino.

Two card hand

Hand value % frequency
21 4.8
17-20 30
1-16 38.7
No-Bust 26.5

According to the statistic data, there are more chances to have a hand with low value than with high.

Dealer’s up card advantage

Dealer Face Up Card Dealer Bust % Player Odds %
(Using Basic Strategy)
2 35.3 9.8
3 37.56 13.4
4 40.28 18
5 42.89 23.2
6 42.08 23.9
7 25.99 14.3
8 23.86 5.4
9 23.34 -4.3
10,J,Q,K 21.43 -16.9
Ace 11.65 -16

An advantage player always pays attention to the dealer’s up card. The higher value of card is, the less chances to bust he has and the lower are player’s odds. Vice versa, if dealer has low-valued card, his chances to bust and player’s odds rise.

Removing certain cards

Card House edge %
(when cards removed)
2 0.40
3 0.43
4 0.52
5 0.67
6 0.45
7 0.30
8 0.01
9 -0.15
10,J,Q,K -0.51
Ace -0.59

Sometimes some cards are removed from the deck (like in Pontoon or Spanish 21). Removing of low cards favors the house and of high ones favors the casino.

Busting on a hit

Hand value % of busting
21 100
20 92
19 85
18 77
17 69
16 62
15 58
14 56
13 39
12 31
11 or less 0

You must pay attention to your hand value when you are going to hit. The higher hand value is, the more chances to bust you have.

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