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How to Gamble on Facebook

Whether at a physical casino or an online one, you’re bound to stumble on gamblers waiting for Lady Luck to direct big sums their way.Facebook, which has always been in the lead of social media, has cashed in on this fact.Come August 2012, Facebook entered the world of online gambling by introducing its first ever real cash gambling application. With this venture, the social networking site has secured new users who not only enjoy gambling but are also ready to recommend these online applications to friends and family out of the website’s reach.

Facebook’s applications have allowed users from all around the world to come together, place bets and win cash quite easily. If you enjoy scratch and win tickets, poker and slot machines, all you need is a Facebook account and Facebook credit to access these applications from the comforts of home. Ease aside, these applications are fast-paced and interactive, making them a great and quick fix for those who hesitate to gamble at online casinos.

If you have a Facebook account already, here are some of the gambling apps you can enjoy through it.

Super Slots

Slots on Facebook are quite fun, easy and rewarding. They are also dirt-cheap, making them perfect for killing spare time. For example, The Royal Spin only costs a credit, but you will need at least 55credits to play the Gold Rush at Level 9. Don’t worry about this, though. Facebook makes collecting credits an easy task with every level you conquer. All you need to do is invite others to play or have them sign up for the offerings of other websites.

If you don’t think your friends will play or sign up, you can spend $1for 40 credits. Your first 40 credits are free, which means that you can play for a long time with your initial balance and the rewarded credits you collect. In addition, once you complete a prize set, your daily credit amount will increase and you can move on towards higher paying slot machines.

Scratch and Win Lottery Tickets

Just like slots, you can purchase Scratch and Win Lottery tickets with your Facebook credits. By scratching these tickets, you win tokens that you can use for getting virtual prizes. These virtual prizes can include animals, monsters or food items. If you complete a set, you can move on to the next level. However, remember that you’ll have to play a hundred games to unlock another ticket.

To play these games, you will require more credit than your initial 50 free credits. You can easily getmoreby inviting your friends to play the game, adding other applications, answering surveys, and installing various toolbars. You can also buy credits at the rate of $1 for 50 credits.

These aside, you can win yourself some prizes by simply getting 10 free credits a day and trying your luck. The higher up you move in the game, the more tokens you earn each day; and the more tokens you have, the more chances you will have to win prizes.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

If you enjoy poker the most, the Facebook version of the classic Texas Hold ’Em Pokeris your best option. It is probably the most popular gambling game on Facebook since it has over 15 million registered users. To play, all you need to do is join a table and then put your skills and expertise to win against players from all around the world. To earn more chips, the game requires that you invite your friends and play often.

With all of these games accessible through Facebook, you can easily satisfy your thirst for gambling regardless of wherever you are. So, don’t miss out on these and keep on the lookout for more Facebook gambling apps heading your way.

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