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Do's and Dont's for Tournament Players

20 Mar 2009

When you have decided it is the time to go from single player games to Blackjack tournaments it is the time to learn some basic tips to avoid common mistakes. There is no secret the game is different from traditional Blackjack therefore even if you are a professional in blackjack you are to find out what it takes to win a tournament.

Tip #1:Take risks

The main aim of the tournament is to take a lead and be the player with most money, therefore you are to take risks from time to time to take a lead. This does not mean you should be stupid and bet too much too often, be reasonable and take some risks when you feel like winning and when the odds are for you.

Tip #2:Do not play like others

Do not think that if you will act like others do you will surely win. Use your own head and bet big to lead and bet small from time to time to sit still on your leading place.

Tip #3:Bet big

Remember, if you are leading you are more likely to get to the next round and even win in the end, and the more money you have the more likely it will be. However, do not get too confident as you should always be reasonable and do not lose too much.

Tip #4:Use the Betting Strategy

You should create your average bet and bet more when winning and come back to it when on a losing streak. Although you should not be predictable and let others know for sure how you are going to bet.

And the final tip is not to rely on luck but use all the strategies you know and take some risks from time to time.

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