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Useful Blackjack Tips

To win more chips use the Blackjack tips!

To win more chips use the Blackjack tips!

In order to be a successful blackjack player one not only has to learn the basic strategy and at least get acquainted with most of the card-counting systems, but also to follow simple set of rules and recommendations known as Blackjack Tips to avoid common mistakes during his/her play.

The most useful Blackjack Tips:

  1. One of the first Blackjack tips is to memorize the Basic Strategy and use it always no matter what others or your subconscious mind may tell you. Remember that Blackjack is a mathematical game, where winning depends mostly not on luck, but on a use of a simple strategy.
  2. Choose and stay on your bankroll. You should firmly decide on a certain bankroll, not to exceed it even if you happen to be on a winning streak, and once you've reached it, gather your chips and leave the table. One of the greate Blackjack tips is to multiply your bet amount forty times.
  3. Remember, Blackjack is a gambling entertainment, so bet the money you can afford to loose.
  4. Do not sit at a table where the betting amount is higher than the 1/20 of your bankroll. By doing this you will decrease your losing chances and prolong your gaming session.
  5. In case you win a huge amount of money, withdraw half of the sum at once. By using these Blackjack tips you protect half of your profit in case you lose the rest.
  6. Never emulate the dealer. Remember, in case dealer busts, you win, but in case you both bust, the house wins!!!
  7. The MAIN object of the game is to get close to 21, but it is not to beat the dealer.
  8. You can't always win. Don't lose your temper in case you have been losing consistently, winning and losing periods are cyclic.
  9. You should never take insurance, unless you are card-counting. Only experienced online blackjack players can turn this option into an advantage.
  10. The basic Blackjack tips on splitting say that you should always split a pair of Ace's and 8's, but not split 10's,  Jack's, Queen's and King's.
  11. The basic Blackjack tips on player's options advise to play until 17 or higher if the dealer's up card is 7 or higher. If rules permit, double with 9, with soft hands of 13-17 against dealer's 4,5 or 6. Double ten against a nine or lower and double with any hand of 11.
  12. You should stand on 17 or more than that, hit on hard hand until 17, hit soft 18 against dealer's ten.
  13. Play until 13, if dealer has two or three and if the dealer's card is between 3 and 6, stand on twelve.
  14. Vary your betting amounts, rising them when you are winning and decreasing when you are losing.
  15. Surrender might be a wise decision if your hand is a 15 or 16 against dealer's 10 or your 16 against dealer's Ace.
  16. To conclude, one of the best Blackjack tips to advise you is to know when to walk away. Set a table limit for yourself, and take a break if you are losing just to save your remaining money for the next time.

The game of Blackjack seems simple, but you need to learn basic strategies and blackjack tips to turn the edge on your side. Remember, these Blackjack tips are just the tip of an iceberg, so do practice and practice even more after that.


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