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The Blackjack Live Dealers

30 Jan 2009

Perhaps one of the most important things that separates online casinos from the land-based ones is the communication with live dealer. Nowadays, casinos feature an amazing option of playing blackjack with a live online dealer. Modern games with live dealers provide players with more clear and larger in size cards and the opportunity to choose different tables with live dealers.

In addition, when player gets to such live blackjack hall, he may join the game that is already on. The gaming window is usually separated into several small windows that display the table, the actions of the live dealer that shuffles the cards and deals them. Each time its players turn to act, the cameras zoom in and show the cards closely, and as soon as he chooses the option the cameras zoom out. Moreover, the window has a talk box where players can chat with the dealer or each other, which makes the hall even more interesting.

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