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Can Another Player Influence Your Game?

26 Feb 2009

According to some Blackjack players, your play may be influenced by another player at the table. We all know that the game of Blackjack is a game between a dealer and a player, and therefore there should be nothing in the play of others at the table that could influence your game.

However, during the game you may hear some players say “If you had not hit, I would have got that 5 and won” or “You should have Stood not to let the dealer have that 10”. Of course if you take a look into the cards this seems reasonable. Nevertheless, if you think logically you will see that there is no way you would have predicted the play. Overall, it is always easier to blame somebody else for your loss.

Think about it, which card would most likely beat the dealer, the 1st or the 2nd from the shoe? Of course the chances are absolutely the same and you do not know which card in coming next.

NO player can say for sure which card is the dealer bust card, therefore play as you wish, ignore such comments if they happen and never say anything like that to other players!

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