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Flat Betting

27 Mar 2009

This betting strategy is rarely seen when playing online, but is one of the most frequently met at the land casinos. The main idea of this strategy is not to alter the bet according to the count or to the winning/losing streaks. The player that uses this strategy bets the same amount for every hand.

Flat betting is most often used as a control variable for comparing the stack up of different betting systems. When this system was used to be compared with the others in the long run - it was the most winning one. The experiment was on 1000 hands played according various betting systems and as a result, no system could beat Flat betting. In addition, this system works the same way in the online casinos, as no betting system would be so helpful as Flat Betting in the long run.

Moreover, if you are using this system in the land casinos you will not be worrying that the surveillance would take you as a card counter even if you are. However, Flat betting is to be used wisely not to be too suspicious when you are betting more for obvious good hands and flat betting for the other ones.

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