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The Hold'em Blackjack

20 Nov 2008

There is nothing difficult in the game of Hold'em Blackjack, especially for those who know how to play blackjack and texas hold'em poker.

The first round

As in the texas hold'em, the game starts after all the players place an ante, then one player places the small blind (twice as big as the ante) and the other one places the big blind (twice as big as the small blind). The dealer deals each player one cars face down. The betting begins and the bets now equal the big blind.

The second round

The game continues as the players place the bets and some may fold or stay in the game as in the texas hold'em. The second card which is face up is dealt to all the players who are still in the game. The bets in the second round equal twice the amount of the big blind.

The third round

The players complete their hands by hitting as long as they do not bust and wish to stop. The cards are dealt face down. The important thing is that even the players who busted are still in the game. This is the time for the final round of betting. The raises are to be in the limits of the 2x to 10x of the big blind.

The showdown

The cards are revealed the same way as in the Texas Hold’em. The one with the highest hand that did not bust wins. In case of a tie the pot is split. In case all the players have busted, the hand which is the closest to 21 wins.

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