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Progressive Jackpots

03 Apr 2009

When first microchips were built into slot machines, the idea of the first progressive jackpot came along. It was back in 1980, and six years later, first linked slots were created.

In fact, progressive jackpot is the best prize as it is the highest possible win in any game. You can find progressive jackpots at slot machines and video poker games, but also there can be jackpots in other gambling games, including blackjack and other. The secret of a progressive jackpot is that it is made of the money people bet in the game. With each bet the players make, the jackpot increases by a certain percent from that amount. It continues to grow until someone wins it.

Progressive games pay out more than half of money players put in, keeping less than a half to the casino as a profit and providing a small percent for the jackpot.

Progressive jackpots have no limits and can grow to huge amounts until someone wins it.

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