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Super Sevens Blackjack Rules

02 Jul 2009

Super Sevens blackjack is played according to the standard rules with one slight difference - it allows to get payoff for three sevens you are dealt. But in case the player has all three sevens he is not paid out for one, two and three sevens separately, so this means that the payoffs are not cumulative.

In case the dealer has blackjack (beats the player) still the player has chance to get award for two or three sevens. Moreover, the size of the payout depends on the suit of the sevens. The payoffs are the following:

First card a seven - 3-to-1

First two cards unsuited sevens - 50-to-1

First two cards suited sevens - 100-to-1

First three cards unsuited sevens - 500-to-1

First three cards suited sevens - 5000-to-1

At some of the casinos you can face the blackjack rule according to which in case the dealer has blackjack the player receives the third card in addition to his two sevens to check for the three sevens.

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