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Cheating Ring Stopped at the Cherokee Indian Casino

21 Aug 2008

A cheating ring was stopped at the Cherokee Indian casino in North Carolina that managed to steal $286,000. The ring was claimed to have operated for three weeks before it was stopped. The officials claim that the FBI was already contacted and now the 11 gamblers are considered to be the suspects and the 26-year-old electronic card dealer is being questioned.

It all has started when the computer program that provided the winnings detected error when comparing the winnings with the money paid and immediately alerted the officials.

According to the executive director of the Cherokee Tribal Gaming Commission this is the case when a single employee had helped some players cheat and win big and there is nothing in the casino system that may threaten any patrons or players.

The blackjack and baccarat games in this casino are digital and therefore the traditional cheating is difficult as all the cards are electronically dealt and displayed on the monitors. The gamblers that were involved in cheating were paid for the wins that did not happen and after that they paid some part of it to the dealer.

The casino authorities claim that this is the first time cheating as the casino hall is monitored by the surveillance cameras.

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