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Seminole Casinos To Shut Down Table Games

10 Apr 2009


A new Bill proposed by the Florida Senate will make the Seminole Casinos shut down the table games including blackjack and baccarat. 

Last Friday the House committee voted in favor of the law that will strip the casinos in Florida of blackjack and baccarat games. Last year the Florida Supreme Court investigated that the local casinos featured the table games not on the legal basis but nothing was done then to stop it. Now this is a new try to pass the legislation that will ban blackjack and baccarat games at the Seminole Casinos.

According to the new Bill all the casinos in Florida will be running only slot games and will not have table games. However, the amount of the state tax will stay the same.

Still the economist claim that such restriction in gambling business will have a bad impact on the state economy as the games' popularity could bring the additional profits to the state budget.


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