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Gambling Management Program at the University of Wisconsin

24 Apr 2009

The UW-Stout (University of Wisconsin-Stout) started to teach how to manage the gambling business in 2007. It has designed the special entertainment gambling lab where the students are able to study how to organize gambling activities and operate the casino. After graduation the students will get the certificate in gaming management. 

The university adviser Sharon Giroux says that the basic peculiarity of their program is that they do not teach their students to gamble but just provide them with the knowledge necessary at the managing positions in gambling business. 

The program includes the casino management, tourism and economics. The students also study all about the psychological aspect of gambling and problems connected with it, such as pathological gambling. The basic game the students are taught at the lab is blackjack, but the program also involves the study of all casino games that can be found at every land casino.

The entertainment gambling lab is decorated as the real casino room. It has several tables for blackjack that were taken from the real casinos. The students learn how to shuffle the cards in the right way and place them on the table so that the cameras are able to spot the cards and chips. During the classes the students must follow the casino etiquette and they really behave as working at the casino.

According to the specialists, every graduate from the program will easily find a job as today in the United States gambling industry provides more than 350,000 jobs as well as the same number of additional positions. 

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