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13 Jun 2008

Whereas every casino not only in Vegas but all over the world has not many variants of the Blackjack (most of them repeat from one casino to another), no one can count for sure how many possible variants and names exist now. We’ll try to name and tell about the most interesting ones.

Game variations

Over/Under 13

Once popular game is not continued to be practiced now because of ease for card-counters. Player bets his first two cards are 14 or under 13. House wins all total 13s. Aces are valued as 1 only for this side bet. Bets are resolved after dealer’s card is faced up, and pay 1-to-1.

Pair of Aces pays 7-to-1.

A pair of Aces pays 7-to-1 on an Under 13 bet. This improves the value of Under/Over 13 bets greatly.

Red or Black

The side bet is similar to Over/Under 13, however here players bet whether the dealer’s up card is red or black (there are special “R” and “B” circles). Dealer wins on all twos.

Royal Match Bet

Your first two cards are in the same suit (pays 3-to-1). If the first two are a King and a Queen of the same suit, this is called a royal match (pays 10-to-1).

Super 7s

Make a side bet (only $1) that your first cards are consecutive sevens. If the player has two 7’s, he will be dealt a third card even if a dealer has a Blackjack. If you split, you are paid only for first two sevens.

First card any 7: $3

First two cards any 7's: $50

First two cards 7's same suit: $100

First three cards any 7:'s $500

First three cards 7's same suit: $5000

Double Exposure

This unusual version of Blackjack is also called a zweikartenspiel. In this game, both dealer cards are dealt face up. To decrease the player’s edge casinos usually set extra rules “No Blackjack bonus”, “dealer wins ties”. No insurance provided.

Spanish 21

There are 6-8 decks used. A player 21 always wins, player Blackjack always wins. Player can hit and double split Aces, may surrender after Doubling and Double on any number of cards. Bonuses: 678 pays 3-to-2, (same suit 2-to-1, all spades 3-to-1), suited 777 against dealer’s 7 pays 1,000$. All tens are removed from the deck.

21 Madness

This is a side bet of $1. Bet you have a Blackjack and the dealer does not. Pays are from $5 to $1000. Average payoff is $ 13.90.

Blackjack Side Bet 

A similar to previous one bet. Available only on the first hand or shoe. Player bets a dealer and/or himself have a Blackjack. A correct wager when a single natural pays 17-to-1, if both the player and the dealer receive naturals, the pay is 25-to-1 for either or both bets.


Bet that your first two cards and the dealer’s up card form a Poker hand.

Dare any Pair

Bet your first two cards are a pair.

Lucky Ladies

Bet your first two cards are a pair of Queens or 20. Can be beaten.

Lucky Lucky

Side bet with a system of complex payoffs on 678,777,21,20 or 19 suited or unsuited.

Pair Square

Bet first two cards are of the same rank.

Sweet 16

Bet first two cards are a low pair. (Ace or 16-21).


A bet on a winning streak

Seven and 1/2

This is not a Blackjack game actually, but as it is similar to BJ, and is played at many casinos, it can be considered as one of the BJ’s family.


Deck has no 8s, 9s or tens. It consists of 40 cards.

Aces count as “1” and face cards have the value of ½.

Object is to get closer than the dealer to 7 1/2 without busting.

All the players and the dealer receive one card face up.

Players can hit, stand, split or double down just like in a common Blackjack.

Player can split threes, twos and Aces.

Dealer draws to 4 ½ and stands on 5.

Dealer wins all ties.

Unusual Blackjack Bonuses

Blackjack pays 2-to-1. Instead of traditional 3-to-2, the player gets paid 2-to-1.

No Blackjack bonus. All Blackjacks are paid 1-to-1 instead of 3-to-2.

Suited A+J pays 2-to-1. An Ace and Jack of the same suit are paid 2-to-1, instead of traditional Blackjack pay 3-to-2.

Ace and Jack of hearts pays 2-to-1.

Blackjack pays 6-to-5. Very harmful and unfair to the player.

All Blackjack ties are paid ½ of the bet (Instead of a push).

Split Aces than draw a ten is a Blackjack (and consequently split tens and draw an Ace is a Blackjack). Receives a bonus not as a total 21, but as a Blackjack.

Five card hand totaling 21 pays 2-to-1.

Six cards totaling 21 pays 2-to-1.

Suited 678 pays 2-to-1. In case you receive suited 6, 7 and 8 in a row, you are paid an extra bonus.

Suited 678 pays 2-to-1 in case it wins. Similar to the previous rule, with the exception of the fact that dealer’s hand is not a 21.

777 pays 2-to-1 (In some casinos 3-to-2). In case you receive three sevens in a row, you are paid two to one.

Blackjack Win Variations

Player 22 count as 21. Player doesn’t bust on 22.

Player 21 ties dealer’s ten up Blackjack. In case dealer’s up cars is a ten, and a hole is an Ace, it ties any player’s 21.

Dealer 10 up exposes hole card. In case dealer’s up card is ten, the dealer turns over the hole card.

Dealer wins tied 17. In case both the player and a dealer have a 17, the dealer wins instead of a push.

Dealer wins tied 17, 18, 19. Tied hands totaling 17, 18 and 19 are lost to the dealer, instead of a push.

Dealer wins ties. Player loses all tied hands to the dealer.

Five Card Charlie. A 5-card unbusted hand wins. Player always wins when his hand consists of five cards without busting.

Six (seven) card unbusted wins – Player wins when 6 cards had been dealt without busting.

Rules of Blackjack Tournament

There are many different rules of Blackjack tournament. Before taking part in such tournament one should study the basic Blackjack rules.

Secret bet. Each player can make a bet per each round without revealing its amount to other players.

Limited time. Some casinos set a particular time period for each round.

Re-entry. Players are allowed to re-enter after losing a round, by paying an entrance fee once again.

Keep bankroll. Mostly, in every tournament each player starts each round with the same amount of chips. Your bankroll can move from one round of the tournament from another.

Rotate Deal. Dealer deals cards starting from a different player each hand.

Rotate first bet. Changes the order the first bet is made, as the same players sees the amount the previous players had bet each hand.

Two Players advance. In the end of the round two instead of one player with the largest bankroll advance to the next round.

Two players First Round. Similar to the previous rule, but two players advance to the next round in the first round only.

Elimination. During a tournament some rounds are called Elimination rounds, as players with the lowest bankroll are eliminated.

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