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The final of the Ronald Chapa story

08 Aug 2008
The latest details of the Blackjack cheating story of the Roland "Rico" Chapa that was found guilty of cheating at the church festival in June 2008.

Blackjack is now on TV!

17 Jul 2008
After winning the ground based gambling world, the online casino world, one of the most popular online casino games has now evolved to its next stage.

Used car dealer's cheating at the church fest revealed

13 Jun 2008
Yesterday Roland "Rico" Chapa was convicted of cheating last year at the church fest at the St. Timothy Church fund raiser.

True story about the MIT team

29 May 2008
In March all the American screens were overwhelmed with a new movie about young professional gamblers that fooled the casinos using their own tactics.

Mobile Gaming Device

29 May 2008
One of the Vegas Casinos has recently started introducing a mobile gambling device to allow players gamble while being outside of the casino.

Online blackjack and poker rooms are on high alert for identity theft

26 May 2008
Online gambling companies have gone on high alert for identity theft after a player was sentenced for 3 years for creating a false Facebook profile.
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