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Most Popular Blackjack Rules Variations

Natural beats any other hand that totals 21

Natural beats any other hand that totals 21

Although many casinos claim to have online blackjack, the rules variations they provide are numerous. Different countries, different types of casinos, even different tables give a different game. You must understand which of blackjack variations you play, as all of them differ not only in payouts but also in rules as well. You may spoil you game playing at the table with Pontoon following the rules and game peculiarities of traditional blackjack.

So, what blackjack variation exist and at which of them any blackjack gambler should pay attention? According to the results of the survey (04/30/2008) on most popular online Blackjack rules variations, we have discovered that the most wide-spread are the Progressive Blackjack (16,77%), Vegas Strip (15,48%), Pontoon (10,97%) and Super Fun 21 (10,32%). In order not to get confused by all the names and bonuses, let’s have a look at most common types of the game we all think we know quite well. Bearing in mind these differences while you start to play at casino.

This variant of Blackjack includes an extra 1$ bet per each hand, and gives a chance to win an additional special jackpot. The rules of the game remain the same, like in traditional blackjack game. Any player has a right to play up to 5 hands.
A typical American hole-card game that has several standard rules that differ from common game. Though, there are some peculiarities, such as Double Down can be used on any first hand and ban on re-splitting of Aces.
In this British-style version you can "Twist", "Stick" and "Buy", and the common 10+A hand is a Pontoon, not a Blackjack. The goal of the game remains the same, though dealer always hits on soft 17.
This single deck variant offers many interesting bonuses, such as special pay for a 5 or more -card hand with a total of 21 5 2 3 J A, for a six card hand 2 3 4 5 6 A and for a Diamond Blackjack.

However, there still are lots and lots of other rules variations of a well-known Blackjack game (like PERFECT PAIRS, CHINESE, SWITCH BLACKJACK etc.) . Make sure you check for rules variations each time you visit new casino.

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