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Play live blackjack with Paddypower live casino

17 May 2013
Blackjack is one of the fastest games popular with players in the game rooms online. What makes this game so interesting to play online is that the rules are relatively simple and can be viewed at ...

How to make the most of poker bonuses

17 May 2013
When you first start playing online poker, you’ll see that many sites offer a poker bonus and it can seem like there’s plenty of opportunity to play with the casino’s money. However, althou...

With blackjack – discipline is everything

16 May 2013
If you’re a regular blackjack player, you will probably already know that when it comes to blackjack, discipline really is everything. The trouble is that so many of us are influenced by o...

Learning from a Pro

14 Feb 2013
My grandmother, whom I called Nana Bingo for as long as I knew her, first took me to her local independent bingo hall when I was three years old. We continued going together every other Wednesday...

Online Blackjack, US Legal!

20 Apr 2012
No-one wants to break the rules, we just want to have a little fun in our spare time. The working day is done, now all we want to do is kick back and relax, and for many of us that means throwing ...

Why Blackjack’s Popularity Is On The Rise

04 Apr 2012
Blackjack remains one of the most popular online casino games to date. Learn why this game remains so popular.

Super Sevens Blackjack

02 Jul 2009
Learn the rules of the Super Sevens Blackjack that has additional option to get reward for up to three sevens in the hand.

Gambling Expert James Grosjean

16 Jun 2009
James Grosjean is one of the honored members of the world's famous Blackjack Hall of Fame known as professional player, author and computer analyst.

Caribbean 21 Blackjack

04 Jun 2009
Caribbean 21 is one of the blackjack variations that is offered at online casinos. Learn the basic rules of the game.

Worst Blackjack Rules

21 May 2009
Avoid "exotic" blackjack games with the worst rules that increase the house advantage over the players.
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Lawrence Revere
Blackjack is the only casino game an amateur can learn to play and at which he can definitely win