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Blackjack Tips - Ways to Improve Your Odds

If you want to gain a victory in blackjack game, you must follow not only the common rules and strategies, also you must take into consideration extra-recommendations known as Blackjack Tips. Using these recommendations your decisions will be taken easily and you will be more self-assured even if you just begin to play blackjack.

All the tips may be divided into two big groups – the tip you should use making decision how to act during the game and general tips that will tell you how you should behave not to screw up.

Decision-making blackjack tips

  • Always with pairs of Ace’s and 8’s
  • Never with pairs of 10-valuated cards
  • on hard hand until 17 against dealer’s 10
  • soft 18 against dealer’s 10
  • on 17 or more against dealer’s 10
  • on 12 if dealer’s face up is between 3 and 6
  • with 9 if you have soft 13-17 against dealer’s 4-6
  • 10 against dealer’s 9 and lower
  • with 11
  • if your hand is 15-16 against dealer’s 10
  • If your hand is 16 against dealer’s Ace
  • Never take
  • until 17 if dealer’s face up is 7 or higher
  • until 13 if dealer’s face up is 2-3

How-To-Behave Blackjack Tips

do dont
  • Set up your bankroll limit
  • Learn the Basic Blackjack Strategy
  • Choose appropriate table with corresponding bet limits
  • Stick to your limit
  • Remember that you can fail
  • Do not copy dealer’s manner of game
  • If you have won a big prize, do not use all of money for the next circle

Though blackjack seems to be a simple game, you have to remember, that everything depends on your abilities to use strategies and additional sources of information. Try to remember all the tips and you’ll be successful in playing blackjack.

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