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AmCan Casino Is Planning to Build Bigger Cardroom

28 May 2009

Napa Valley Casino in American Canyon is planning to open a new cardroom. Today the casino has only one card room with 9 tables including 7 poker tables, 1 blackjack and 1 pai gow poker table. According to the official information, the casino licensed to operate 12 tables is even going to increase this amount.

The new bigger room will be built next to the current casino premises. It will contain 16 tables among which 10 are with poker games. This means that the casino is planning to introduce more tables with popular blackjack. In order not to stop operating, the old casino room will be open for all visitors during the construction.

The new casino room will not only contain more tables but also have a restaurant and bar where the players can order drinks or have a snack. 125 parking places will be arranged for the visitors.

The Napa Valley Casino project requires numerous reconstructions in the area. It is expected that the neighboring buildings will be leveled to give space for new 14,000-square-foot cardroom. The owners of the casino say that this is not a problem as all those buildings have been deserted for a long.

According to Brian Altizer, one of the casino's three owners, old building is so tight that the expansion is inevitable. And as the casino business has been successful they are ready to carry out the $4 million project and open a new parlor. 

Moreover, the new casino will be able to employ up to 100 people which is twice bigger than at the moment. Thus, the project seems to be very attractive but still the city will have to approve the casino expansion.

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