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Most Common Ground Casino Blackjack Rules

30 Apr 2008

Online players that usually don’t even notice and appreciate the ease of playing the game of Blackjack by simply clicking with a mouse on a certain button, once in a real casino find themselves lost in numerous casino blackjack rules that start from choosing the right playing table to placing a bet and signalling the way you have chosen to play your hand. To avoid such misunderstandings, we would like to provide you the basic behaviour real casino blackjack rules. Let’s start with choosing the table:

Choosing the table

Casino blackjack rules advise you to search and choose the best table for you. Look at the players, you don’t want to be distracted by drunk or too slowly players, that also can limit the possible amount of profit per hour, or even by mean and bad-mood dealers, that can bring you down and decrease the level of concentration.

Also, don’t forget about the advantages tables provide for you, such casino blackjack rules as dealer stands on soft 17, and doubling down any two cards are of real importance even if don’t quite understand them.

Avoid drinking during the game, not to lose your concentration.

Casino blackjack rules: Purchasing chips

When the player wants to purchase the chips for the game, he simply lays the cash on the table for the dealer to pick it up and change for an equal amount of chips (according to Casino blackjack rules dealers are restricted to take anything directly from the players’ hands for security reasons).

Dealing the cards according to the Casino blackjack rules

The dealer makes two passes dealing the cards to all the players, starting from his left (also called the FIRST BASE), two cards each, facing up or down (depending upon the variations of the rules), and only after that he deals himself two cards, one facing up (so that anyone can see it), and the other facing down (also known as HOLE).

In a shoe game casino blackjack rules (several decks of cards are used in such a game, and they are dealt from a special container called the shoe), the players’ cards are dealt face up, and the players aren’t allowed to touch them at any case; but in a hand-held game, the cards are dealt face down, and the players pick them up, in such case they must hold the cards only with one hand, keep them over the table, and not to pick up all the other cards dealt by the dealer, simply leaving them on the table faced up.

Casino blackjack rules: Signalling HIT or STAND

The players are required to make hand signals, not only announcing “hit” or “stand”, this is done to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding in comprehension of the players’ demands and also to be recorded by the “eye-in-the-sky” (surveillance cameras).

In a face-up shoe game, the player, which decides to STAND, slightly waves his hand horizontally over his cards; whereas the player that wishes to HIT, taps with a finger the table behind his cards.

According to the casino blackjack rules, in a face-down game, where the cards are held ONLY with one hand, the player lightly scrapes the cards across the table felt, signaling HIT, and receives another card, adds its value to his hand, but leaves it on the table by the player’s bet. If the player BUSTS, he should simply toss his cards on the table face up. To indicate STAND, he should tuck the cards he’s holding under his bet.

NB: according to casino blackjack rules once the cards have been dealt, the players aren’t allowed to touch the chips inside the circle (the place of bet), so they should simply slide the corner of their cards under the chips.

Casino blackjack rules: Signalling SPLIT or DOUBLE DOWN

In a hand-held game according to casino blackjack rules the player signals SPLIT by tossing the cards face up in front of the bet and place an additional bet (the same amount as the original one) to the circle of the bet. Then the dealer separates the pair and treats them as two independent hands.

And the Double Down can be signalled by tossing his two cards face-up upon the table in front of his bet, and (in all cases) add the additional bet adjacent to (or smaller than) the original one, and the dealer deals another card by tucking it under your initial bet to be revealed later.

Good dealer — tipped dealer

The final tip in the casino blackjack rules is to really tip the dealer. After all, you do want the person that shuffles the cards to be friendly, don’t you? Most of them have lousy wages and depend on tips they receive during the shift.

So, whenever you are in a real casino, no matter whether it is a Las Vegas one or not, do not be afraid to ask the dealer any questions about the сasino blackjack rules and even asking some advice from your neighbours. Remember, they do not care whether you loose or win, so you can easily show them your cards.

No matter how good were your results after a Blackjack session, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the game!

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