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The "Einstein" Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count

The card-counting system called a  Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Counting (highly-optimum) system is designed for advanced players. The system of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count works similar to the Hi-Lo principle; however there are still some differences, that make the count  more accurate and sometimes even referred to as the Einstein count method.

If you really want to become a professional Blackjack player, you should try using the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Counting system. Due to the fact that this system is more mathematically advanced and therefore complicated, it can give the player a slightly greater edge than usual. Of course, as every theory does, this one provokes different contradictory claims. Some players say that the price of a couple of percent of more advantage is higher than studying the complicated card-counting system. However there are some that still consider the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count a superior card-counting system. You will be able to estimate this method only after you use it in your game.

Strategy of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count

The strategy of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Counting system isn't too complicated, but demands constant focus on the table. As the Hi-Lo count, it is based on subtracting and adding 1. To avoid confusing different card-counting strategies, you should learn the chart below that demonstrates the values of all cards.

A 0

The cards in Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count are divided into separate groups. Such cards as 2, 7, 8 and 9 are considered as the ones that do not influence upon the card counting at all, that is why they are neutral or 0. All tens are counted as -1 and most of the small cards 3,4,5,6 as +1. There are separate rules for Aces. As the system doesn't keep track of them, there still remains place for some changes to the basic Blackjack strategy. Some players that apply the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count use feet or chips on the table to keep the track of how many Aces were played.

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