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Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Card Counting Strategy

Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Counting system is the most advanced of the High Optimum card counting systems, and designed for much more advanced blackjack card counters. As the actual additional player edge provided by this strategy is very small, it is recommended only for experienced professional card-counters.

What the Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Count system does, is providing a small extra edge for those who have been long using the Hi-Opt 1 strategy.

Strategy of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Count

When applying the Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Counting strategy one should remember that it demands constant attention and focus on the table. The Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Counting system is based not only on the 0 and 1 values, but some cards have the value of 2. This system is not recommended for those that can be easily distracted from the table.

The basic principle of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Counting strategy is that some cards have the value of 2, which make the count harder but more accurate. The chart below shows all the card values to distinguish this system from the others.

  • 2  and 3  - +1
  • 4 and 5 - +2
  • 6 and 7 - +1
  • 8 and 9 - 0
  • 10J, Q, K - -2

There are separate groups of cards as valued. All 2's,  3's,  6's and 7's are counted as +1. All 4's,  5's have the value of +2, whereas the 10's,  Jacks, Queens and Kings are valued as -2. According to the Hi-Opt II count Aces are counted as 0, however, they aren't actually counted to the common count. Players keep track of them changing the basic strategy according to their own preferences, using chips or feet.

The Blackjack Hi-Opt 2 Counting system is a balanced card counting system because the end count of the entire deck is 0.


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