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Progressive Blackjack Rules and Instructions

Progressive blackjack is one of the game variations, which are chosen by players who struggle to win as much money as possible. The matter is that except for the bet itself, any player achieves a chance to hit game jackpot, which is usually different in all casinos. Besides, this game has no differences, which require from you extra effort to comprehend and master them.

Progressive Blackjack, like all the rest of the Blackjacks is a game between a player and a dealer. This Blackjack variant includes an extra 1$ bet per each hand, and gives a chance to win an additional special jackpot. A bet is for each original hand, not for split ones (when a hand splits it is still one hand). Each player in Progressive Blackjack can play 5 hands at the same time. Each player receives two cards. One of dealer's cards is dealt face down (the Hole card).

Progressive Blackjack. General rules

The Objective of a Progressive Blackjack game remains the same - to have a hand of 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer's hand. The dealer hits on 16 or less and stands on 17 or higher. The values of the cards correspond to common Blackjack values. In progressive blackjack 8 decks of cards are used with 52 cards in each. Probably the most tricky moment is absence of Surrender option.

How to Play Progressive Blackjack


When splitting Aces, you receive only one extra card per hand (and if the second one is a ten or a face card, it is not a Blackjack). No re-splitting is allowed.


  • Double only 9,10 or 11.
  • No Doubling after split.

Progressive Blackjack Awards

If cards that are consecutively dealt fall into the categories below, the progressive payout is paid.

  • 2 Aces (any suit A A): $25
  • 2 Aces (same suit A A): $50
  • 3 Aces (any suit): $250
  • 3 Aces (same suit): $2500
  • 4 Aces (any suit): 10% of pot
  • 4 Aces (same suit): 100% of pot

Payouts in Progressive Blackjack may differ from one casino to another (i.e. some provide a 1$ pay for one Ace, and additional pays for Aces of the same colour).

NB: Please note, that all the rules provided above are general, and may differ from one casino to another. To avoid any misunderstandings please bother to read rules on a site you are playing at or ask the dealer in the casino before the play.

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