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Basic and Bonus Super Fun 21 Blackjack Rules

The Blackjack variant that is named a Super Fun 21 is a single-deck game. The Basic rules are the same as the ones of the traditional Blackjack. However, there are still some differences that make the Super Fun game much more interesting.

Super Fun 21 rules

The cards are dealt two cards to each player face up, and two cards to the dealer, one face up and another face down (hole card).

Dealer hits on soft 17. Players are allowed to split up to 4 times and even double down after splitting.

Aces A A are allowed to be re-split. Players also can split all 10-valued cards J Q , not necessarily identical.

Surrendering is also allowed.

Bonus Super fun 21 rules

To make this game more interesting and exciting, several extra bonuses were introduced.

  1. Player Blackjack always wins, even in case the dealer also has a Blackjack.
  2. Player's hand of 6 or more cards totaling 20  2 3 2 3 4 5 or less beats dealer's Blackjack.
  3. A 5-card  2 3 4 K A hand or more totaling 21 pays 2:1.
  4. A Diamond Blackjack (suited diamond blackjack) pays 2:1

However, casino's pitfalls include an even pay for a pl

ayer's blackjack. That is the main source of the casino's edge and it compensates for all the bonuses.

The main strategy rule for the game of Super Fun 21 is to learn the Basic Strategy, practice a lot and have fun playing the game!!!


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