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Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack Etiquette is a combination of ordinary gambling rules and rules made especially for the game of blackjack though some rules you may obey playing other casino games. These rules do not concern the game but the way the players are to behave while playing at traditional casinos. It is very important to know these rules, as some non-gaming factors can influence your game greatly.

1. Before you sit down at any chosen blackjack table make sure you ask if the players that are already playing there are ok that you will join them in the middle of the game, or maybe you are to wait for the next one to start.

2. Bets are to be placed in a nice and neat way. Make sure you are careful and the chips are in a nice stack in the middle of the betting circle.

3. Remember not to touch your bet as soon as it is made and not to touch the cards.

4. If case you are playing using the hand signals you are to use the correct ones and not to use words.

5. Tip the dealer in case you wish to. In most casinos dealers do not get huge salaries, therefore they would be extremely grateful.

6. Be calm and do not bother other players in case it is not something urgent. Respect the privacy of other players and in case something is wrong, tell the dealer.

7. In case you are not going to play and you simply want to watch, do not stand too close to the players. Keep the distance and do not distract them from the game.

8. If you want to have a glass of alcohol at the game be sure you do not lose control and pay attention at the game.

Following these simple rules of game etiquette will not be a challenge for you, but in the end of your game you will see, that they can even help you to win more, especially if you do not forget to use some winning strategies like card counting methods or, at least, basic blackjack strategy.

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