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Blackjack FAQ

Some questions may appear during you blackjack game. Some of them appear so frequently, that they require special page where all players can quickly find answers and continue the game without losing time.

Can I beat the game of blackjack?

No strategy or method can guarantee you will beat the casino for sure. The use of basic strategy does increases your edge a little. Remember, you can win money at blackjack in case you use all the required methods and choose the winning table.

Is card counting legal?

Card counting is legal according to many US jurisdictions. However, as casinos are a private property you can be banned from the casino in case they catch you counting cards.

Can my game be affected by a bad player?

No, it cannot. This game is between the player and the dealer only. Your game depends on your strategy, your talent and your luck only. Other players will not affect your game.

Does online Blackjack differ too much from the traditional one?

Not at all. The basic rules and strategies are totally the same. The online version differs in some aspects like the fact that the speed of the game is determined by you and not by the dealer. Online games have no shuffling breaks and no distractions. However, in the online games you cannot feel the casino atmosphere and go out.

Can I trust the dealers at online casino?

Sure you can. The reputable online casinos like the ones we feature have tested and checked Random Number Generators and check the games are fair and honest all the time.

In order to choose the strategy or strategy chart you can go to the Blackjack Strategy page or Strategy Charts page.

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In case you did not find the necessary information at this page you can use the contact form and ask us personally or look through the site in case we do have this info.

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