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All About Blackjack Hall Of Fame Member Arnold Snyder

13 Nov 2008

Being not only the professional gambler and author, Arnold Snyder is one of the seven first gamblers elected as the Blackjack Hall of Fame member. Arnold Snyder was elected not only due to his innovations, but also due to the fact that he remains to be an active adviser for lots of blackjack players in his now online Blackjack Forum.

The book Blackjack Formula, written by Arnold Snyder in 1980 was the first info on the importance of deck penetration in the card counting. In addition to that, he managed to simplify the blackjack card counting system in his forum in 1981-1983.

The Blackjack Forum back in 1981 was the first quarterly trade journal that helped professional blackjack players. In addition to the Blackjack Formula, Arnold Snyder also is the author of numerous books on the game of blackjack and gambling in particular. Here is the list of most popular books:

  • Big Book of Blackjack
  • Blackbelt in Blackjack
  • The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook (How Players Win and Why They Lose with Shuffle Tracking)
  • How to Beat the Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms

Moreover, Arnold Snyder is the one who published many reviews to other gambling books and tested numerous blackjack strategies.

Additionally to being the author of the books and strategies, Arnold Snyder is also known for being an advocate for the rights of professional gamblers. He is well-known for standing as an expert witness in many gambling court cases.

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