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It's All About Ken Uston

27 Nov 2008

In this article we continue the series of the stories on the most successful blackjack players, authors and people who influenced the game of blackjack and appeared to be one of the most popular names mentioned together with the game.

Ken Uston was not only a famous and skillful blackjack player, but also a talented author, the one that popularized the team play in the game of blackjack. In early and mid 70's Ken Uston was well-known as the blackjack player that performed the team card counting according to own improved techniques and the one who earned millions and millions of dollars in the casinos betting over $12,000 on one hand. In a while, the fame of Ken Uston changed, and he was known as the banned player from most of the casinos and the one who used the disguise to come back and play more.

Moreover, he became popular as the one who filed a high-profile law suit against the casinos that banned him. Unfortunately for gambling halls, the court forbade them to ban the players who counted cards from their casinos. To decrease the player edge, these casinos introduced multiple decks of cards and changed the rules of the game.

Ken Uston became the author of many popular books about video games and personal computers.


The Big Player, 1977 

One Third of a Shoe

Million Dollar Blackjack, 1981, Carol Publishing Group.

Ken Uston on Blackjack

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