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The Basic Blackjack Superstitions

11 Sep 2008

Gamblers all over the world are all the time in search of the universal method or a secret tip that will help them beat the casino and be the all-time winner. Luck remains to be the most important factor in all the gambling games including even such strategically hard ones as Blackjack.

No matter how ridiculous it may seem, there are lots of players that play according to the common Basic Blackjack Superstitions and can not see what is wrong in them. Here we will consider some of the most Basic Blackjack Superstitions and myths as an example.

Let's start with the myth about a Bad player. Players that fall into the category of those that believe in this and many other Basic Blackjack Superstitions of a kind think that other gamblers play affects their own results. As for example when the player acts not according to the basic strategy and hits on stiff hands against a dealer small up card. Other players may blame think he is "playing against the team" though it is a common fact that no player may influence your gambling results but you. 

Another superstition we are to consider is the one that can even cause a fight among the players as it is called "Don't take my card". Many players believe that others that hit before them may "take their cards" by hitting incorrectly and cause them to win less. This is ridiculous as no one can predict exactly the card that comes next and there is no way you can make other players stand when you think you need that card.

All in all, these are only two examples of bad strategies and Basic Blackjack Superstitions. To avoid these common mistakes and keep concentrated on the things that will help you win ignore them, and do not let others distract you from your game.    Remember that casinos love you for your Basic Blackjack Superstitions because this is the way that does not let you count the cards and makes you nervous while playing. So, do not believe your friends or Blackjack neighbours that advise you one or more of the Basic Blackjack Superstitions.

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