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Different Black Jack Rules

09 Oct 2008

Black Jack is also the name of a shedding card game which is the variant of the Crazy Eights.


Card Dealing

Each player is dealt 7 cards, and a single card is dealt face-up on the table. The remaining cards are left in a pile on the table facing down.

Player actions

Each player acts in turn and the aim of each one if to place all his cards onto the stack. The stack begins with the single card that is dealt face up. The player may place the next card onto the stack in case it matches in the rank or the suit of the top card. The player may place more than one card if the cards are of the same rank. E.g. in case the top card in a 7 of hearts, the next player places a ten of hearts and a ten of spades. In case the player can not take the turn, he picks a card from the remaining deck.

After the player has played his turn he must say "Last card" in case only one card is in his hand. In case the player is confident he will finish his hand in one turn he may say "cards". However, if the player fails to finish after he said "cards", there will be a penalty.

Magic cards

Some special cards have special effects in the game.

Aces - The player who puts down an Ace calls a new suit that must be followed by all the players.

Two - the Two forces the next player to pick up two cards unless he can place another two, black jack or red jack. The player has to pick up in case he does not have these cards.

Eight - Eight forces the next player to miss a go.

Black Jack - makes the next player to pick up seven cards, if he can not follow with a two, red or black jack.

Red Jack - cancels the pick up.

Queen - allows the player to put any card the same as the suit of the queen down. Otherwise, the player can place the queen and pick up one card.

King - reverses the order of the play.

Joker - a wild card.

Endgame - The player who is the first to get rid of all of their cards is the winner.

In case the player does not say "Last card" after he has finished his hand, then he picks up two cards from the deck.

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