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Blackjack Switch Rules

21 Aug 2008

Blackjack switch is another variant of a well-known by all gamblers game. This particular variant allows one bonus action that would be considered cheating in a traditional game of Blackjack.

What player can do is switch cards between two hands for the best performance. Each player makes two bets before the dealer deals the cards.

Blackjack Switch Rules

The Blackjack Switch rules are practically the same as in traditional Blackjack, of course with the exception of some differences.

Player wins if his hand is higher than dealer’s and does not exceed 21.

The cards in Blackjack Switch are valued all like in a traditional Blackjack (2-10 as numbered, face cards – 10 points, Ace 1 or 11).

Each of the Hands must be played of equal side. After player receives the second card to each hand, he may decide to switch the second ones between his two hands. The dealer hits on Soft 17 and stands on Hard 17. If a dealer’s hand is 22, it is considered as a Push, and all the bets are returned as even, unless the player has a Blackjack (in this case he wins). Blackjack win pays equal money.


  • Each hand may only be split once.
  • Only one card dealt when Aces are split. 


  • Double on any two cards.
  • Double after split allowed.

If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, you can buy insurance. Some casinos also provide an option of a Super Match bet that provides a chance to bet that your first two cards will be a pair, three of a kind, two pair, or four of a kind.

In Blackjack Switch rules the dealer (unlike other Blackjack games) tries to push and hits on soft 17, and also beats player’s 21 (it still is paid but even money only) with his 22. In case dealer has 22, and the player has a Blackjack, the player wins.

NB: Please note, that all the Blackjack Switch rules provided above are general, and may differ from one casino to another. To avoid any misunderstandings please bother to read rules on a site you are playing at or ask the dealer in the casino before the play.

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