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Online Bonus Blackjack

17 Jul 2008

The Bonus Blackjack is a combination of standard Blackjack rules and additional excitement provided by huge pays for particular hand combinations.

The Bonuses of the Bonus Blackjack

The bonuses make this game such a special one. Bonuses are based on the first two cards dealt only.

They are as follows:

  • Any two cards of the same suit = 5 to 2
  • Any Ace + jack of the same suit = 25 to 1
  • Ace of spades + jack of spades = 50 to 1

The third card in a winning according to bonuses hand is not important for the bonuses pay out. Furthermore, no matter what the outcome of the game is, the bonuses will still be paid. You may lose the Blackjack game, but get the pays according to the bonuses. Any Blackjack is paid 3-to2, unless it is the Bonus Blackjack.

The bonus bet itself is optional, however there is no particular point playing this very kind otherwise. To place a bonus bet, you should place it on a Jackpot part of the table.

The Bonus Blackjack Rules

The rules of Bonus Blackjack are just the same as regular Blackjack rules and card values. However, there might be some specifications. The player can split three times and double down after split. Not only the same 10-valued cards can be split, it can be done with any combination of them. Aces can be split only once, and a split Ace and 10 is considered a 21, not a blackjack. No surrender option provided.

The Bonus Blackjack Strategy

Because of the fact that the rules of the bonus Blackjack do not differ much from the Basic Blackjack rules, the strategy itself doesn’t differ much too (with the exception of the Bonuses). So, the best advice is to study the basic Blackjack strategy before playing Bonus Blackjack.

NB: Please note, that all the rules provided above are general, and may differ from one casino to another. To avoid any misunderstandings please bother to read rules on a site you are playing at or ask the dealer in the casino before the play.

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